3D Visuals

As shown on the Concepts page, two options for modifying access to I-16 have been developed for the Interchange Modification Report (IMR) based on the Civic Master Plan. Both options include new ramps to US 17 at Oglethorpe Avenue, which connects with I-16. These new ramps would allow drivers to both enter and exit the highway system at Oglethorpe Avenue from US 17 northbound and southbound (current access is limited to an exit from US 17 southbound or entrance to US 17 northbound).

The 3D visuals below illustrate the relationships between the new streets, I-16, and US 17, particularly given the elevated roadways.  You can also view the interactive platform, which allows you to move through the concepts and view both the existing and proposed street networks from multiple perspectives.  The interactive platform also includes driver view animations.

NOTE:  The interactive platform is a large file that requires the Adobe Flash Player and may take several minutes to download, depending on the speed of your internet connection. 

Option 1: Modified Interstate Ramps

Option 1: Modified Interstate Access

Option 2: No Interstate Access

Option 2: Removal of Interstate Ramps

Oglethorpe Ave. Access

Oglethorpe Avenue Access